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1. Deluxe stainless steel head, for adults. 2. Stainless steel binaural with thick tubing assembly 3. Soft ear tips assure maximum comfort and excellent acoustical seal 4. Stainless steel binaural with thick tubing assembly 5. The conducting tube features an embedded elastic sheet with high durability. 6. Resistance to high and low temperature, minimal...
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Sensitive , Dual chest pieceBrass chrome plated internal spring binauralCovers an essential range of soundsEspecially for all class of DoctorsFor PediatricianDouble Lumen Tube
₹ 990
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Monitor and assess a wide range of patientsDetect normal and abnormal sounds and rhythms
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Superb acoustic sensitivity.Unmatched sound clarity.Non-chill rim design for patient comfort.Special tubing with internal binaural spring.Extra Thick single lumen tubing.
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• An updated design • Easier to clean and maintain • Ensures comfortable fit Specifications: • Usage: For diagnosis and blood pressure measurement
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4.5mm Stainless Steel FrameSoft Ear TipsAluminum Chest PieceNon Chilling Ring
₹ 499
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4.5mm Stainless steel FrameSoft Ear TipsAluminum Chest Piece with Brass RingWith Extra Accessories
₹ 650
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