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Useful in cold and cough treatment / Face skin & beauty treatmentAll in one electric set of 3 attachmentsReturn it within 10 days if not working properly
₹ 395
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Useful in cold and cough treatment / Face skin & beauty treatmentVaporizer electric set of single attachment
₹ 295
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Provided with dual thermostat Heavy duty imported heating coilNew electronic controller switch with three temperature heat levels6 layers of insulated safety making it 100% safe for useCopper insulated and flexible extra long cable providedTwo-pin plug with PVC coating on pins for safety against shock 12 months company's warranty
₹ 999
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Benefits 1. Relieve fatigue and make the muscles relax. 2. Blood circulation 3. Increase metabolism 4. Aligning and balancing the functions of the organs of the body. 5. Restore the body's energy 6. Relaxes muscles and nerves.
₹ 1,600
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Adult Disposable Pants in surat,gujarat,india Breathable non woven fabric all around. Barrier Leg Cuff prevents leakage at thighs. Deodorizing super polymers used. Unisex. Easy to Wear.
₹ 700
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Air Cushion Ring for Piles and Bedsores in surat,gujarat,india Perfect for post-surgical recovery
₹ 535
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Hot water bottle in surat,gujarat,india useful in joint pains stomach and back aches arthritic and rheumatic pains bed warme sports aches and pains muscular cramps.
₹ 359
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Breathing exerciser spirometer in surat,gujarat,indiaSpecially designed with 3 stage chambers to provide more efficient exercise to patient at a step up basisInnovative design, can be dis-assembled into parts for cleaning and disinfection
₹ 550
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Portable, compact small size Light weight and easy to carry negative pressure Oil free lubrication pump ONE YEAR COMPANY'S WARRANTY
₹ 5,100
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Air ring can be used for piles supportComfortable edge to slide over the ring while shifting from one to another placeHigh pressure capacityDoesn't require pump to inflateCan use over chair or cushion
₹ 425
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Self-diagnosis when device is abnormal, waterproof and flexible tipFever alarm and celsius to fahrenheit switch abilityLow battery indicator, auto shut-off and 10 seconds measurementIncludes batteries and instruction manual2 years company's warranty
₹ 350
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Anti- Decubitus Air Pump and Bubble Mattress for Bed Sores Mattress Puncture Kit Included. Easy to fix One years company's warranty only for compressure
₹ 5,200
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